Meny Lukk

Social Networking – for genealogist part 1 (LibraryThing)

Sue Davis, the President of Englewood Genealogical Society opening the meeting,
and introducing Drew Smith

Drew Smith is an academic librarian with the University of South Florida in Tampa. He told us about what is out there for us crazy ones. Us geneaholics. (He is one of «us» – Drew Smith is an expert in digital genealogy, and he has a great genealogy-blog with lots of interesting and educational articles.  He is a regular contributor to Digital Genealogist, and is co-host of the Genealogy Guys Podcast. He was really interesting to listen to, and I am going to take the time to listen through the podcast-archive one rainy beautiful day. Looks like a lot of interesting stuff there!

Drew has written a book – Social Networking for Genealogists, and I have already gone through it to see what I really want to look into. (he also has a blog about that here)

One site Drew talked about, (he talked a lot about many sites) was the This site has been there for a while, but I never really got into it. After listening to Drew for a few minutes, I thought: this must be the ultimate site for a bookworm like me, with lots of bookworm friends! To share what we have in our «dusty caves of wisdom» around the world.  I have tried it out some, put in around 50 books now, changed collection-names, tagged, searched and really had fun with it. Seems like a great one! I have now signed up for a lifetime membership ($25) and will put out my whole collection of the genealogy books I have. And, the very cool thing, I can find others that might have a book , to ask for a lookup! That is Social Networking for us!

A new book for my collection – the first book added in the
In the front row!
Pictures: Sue and Gene

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