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52 Weeks To Better Genealogy – Challenge #5

Challenge: Play with WorldCat is a massive network of library content that the public can search for free If you are looking for a specific book or publication, enter the identifying information into the WorldCat search box and see which libraries hold the item. The goal is to play with WorldCat and examine its possibilities for your own research.  The network and collection grow and change constantly. If you have a genealogy blog, write about your experiences with searching WorldCat for this exercise. 
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And I did. What a search-engine! What a network.  I put in the word «Bygdebok» and got 791 hits – mostly in the US Library system, (not all books are located in the US of A, I found books in the Danish Libraries as well!.

I could choose to see what library had the book in their collection, and … of course, the University of Alaska library got the book about Torsken (far far north in Norway) in their dusty halls of wisdom!

The system found me and my zipcode from my ISP, I did not enter it!  But then, Alaska is the closest library to Florida having the book about Torsken in their collection… far away! But then – I also got a few «Sorry, no libraries with the specified item were found». . many books are located on this side of «the Pond» though.

Are you in the US and need a book about beautiful Vålerenga in Oslo? Have a look! They have access to a copy in Washington!

I created an account, and this is what the e-mail told me.

"Build a personal profile that lets you tell other WorldCat users about your interests, personal Web pages and messaging addresses. (You can provide as much or as little information as you want, and hide your e-mail address if desired)"


Maintain public and private lists of books, videos and other items owned by libraries, and share your public lists with friends and colleagues

This looks like an extended «» maybe more advanced and more «professional – but I have already fallen in love……

Note to self: I have to find out how to do the Inter Library loans – also on old newspapers. Might be on microfilm? I have to find out. 

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