Meny Lukk

Englewood Genealogical Society – SIG (Special Interest Group) Scandinavia

Again a great meeting with the «vikings» in Englewood Genealogical Society Even though they are refurbishing the Elsie Quirk library – trying to make it look modern and nice, we were able to have a good meeting. «The dusty halls of wisdom» now have a new meaning!

I brought with me some translations for Lois on her Grek-family from Sweden, and she was of course very happy to be able to read all the church-records she had from And, I was able to help Dottie on her research in Värmland (Gunnarskog) – we found both birthrecords from 1770, death record from 1839 and household-examination records from years in between have now been sent over to her by email. We also found some other people looking into the same family on Anbytar-forum, this might be Dotties relatives (also in the USofA).

It was also fun to see Maren, she has found her way into the Digitalarkivet, and was able to help others in their research in Vestfold. (Larvik) Also, Maren her self realized that the «Wee» name she is looking into, is a farm in Sande in Vestfold, and that we might be able to help her further in her research. 

The informal way of meeting, to be able to talk and help, work together discuss and have fun with our research it is a great way to meet. Our next meeting will be in late April, hopefully with lots of new questions from the «vikings»!

After the meeting we went out with friends to do some St. Patrick-eating… corned beef and cabbage. My first. And I liked it! Even Obama claims Irish ancestry on St. Patrick’s day…

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