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Jefferson Tayte – a genealogist with a murderish twist..

A  couple of years ago, I got a tip from via my Kindle, because they know what i likes. This time it was about a genealogy-mystery writer, Steve Robinson. The main character in the book was a genealogist, and the plot in the book was a genealogical mystery! They had me already.

«One of Amazon UK’s ‘Best Books of 2011’. A ‘Kindle Customer Favourite»

From the first page in the book I was hooked. I like the way Steve Robinson writes, his characters feels real, he has a good balance of murder, genealogy and history put in to todays world, and his little extra – humor and knowledge of what he is talking about – he actually follows the genealogy Jefferson Tayte is doing, to see if it actually can be done!

I have made a picture in my head of Jefferson Tayte (JT), like a «Private Eye», a bit worn, he says his weight is «over» and his favorite color is «tan», he is always to busy to get a hair-cut. His favorite readings are gravestones and old documents… looks like he is a genuine genealogist! I like it when the writer gives a little bit of information, but then let me make my own pictures of the people. 

Find it here at

JT lives in Washington DC, but assignments in the  first two books (In the Blood and To the Grave) took him across the Atlantic to England. After reading about book no3, «The Last Queen of England», this book also takes place in England.  Actually more than 60 mill. americans can trace their roots back to UK. I hope JT has to go to Norway once too, to solve a genealogical mystery! (In the US there are around 4 million people with Norwegian ancestry).

Why did I start thinking about Steve Robinsons books? Because I got an e-mail from him a couple of days ago, about his book #3, «The last Queen of England» , I have to pre-ordered it to my Kindle, so I am sure to have it the day it will be released! (not available yet though)

Find it here at (not published yet)


(Steve has given me permission to use his front-covers)

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  1. Steve Robinson

    Hi Laila,
    Thanks very much for featuring me and my books on your blog today. To mark the occasion I’m going to be called , Stiev Robinsson for the next 24 hours. :o)
    If anyone would like to ask me anything, please do. I’m editing The Last Queen of England at the moment, getting the book ready for publication in December, but I’ll pop back from time to time.

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